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Unlocking Your Potential: Making New Year's Resolutions for Achieving Happiness and Success

A woman looking forward to 2024
What Are You Looking Forward to Most in 2024?

For me it's all about inviting inevitable change, looking forward with positivity and trying to be kinder in my thoughts, deeds and in the things I say to myself and to others.


The beginning of a new year offers a fresh start and an opportunity to embrace change. This year, my resolution is to be more organized and fully embrace the transformative power of change in my life and work. To kickstart this resolution, I have decided to adopt several strategies that will enhance my productivity and overall well-being.

First and foremost, I aim to continue exploring the benefits of mindful meditation. For most of 2023 I managed to meditate at least 6 times in one week. This year I am dedicated to meditating twice a day. I have found the perfect meditation to do this with as I start the year. I'd like to share it with you now in case it helps you.

By dedicating time each day to quiet reflection and mindfulness, I hope to cultivate a calm and focused mind, allowing my creativity to flourish.

Additionally, I plan to implement the Pomodoro method into my daily routine. This technique involves breaking my work into focused intervals, typically 25 minutes long, followed by a short break. I'm hoping for increased productivity, as well as reduced procrastination and burnout. I've tried to be really organised but with so much to achieve before 2023 was out, I found myself going round in circles without a focussed plan and at times I just felt exhausted and unable to cope.

Time blocking is another tool I intend to take forward. I bought myself a huge daily planner and found it helped keep me on track. By assigning specific time slots to various tasks and commitments, I can maintain a clear and structured schedule, ultimately I hope to be more efficient and not miss anything out. My planner has a to do list and a whole page for notes which I use as a journal at night as part of my night time routine for winding down before sleep.

Speaking of sleep. I certainly need more of that and realise I can only sleep more soundly without waking in the middle of the night by reducing stress. As well as meditation I've got a few other self-care strategies I can try out to help nurture my well-being. Regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, and engaging in activities that bring me joy will be central to my daily routine. Including upping my learning time of Spanish and bringing back a regular practice of piano and guitar. Don't be surprised if I don't post a few performances on here soon!

But most of all, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new book, scheduled for Tuesday 27th February. By following the step by step plans I have in place I'm hoping publication day will go seamlessly, even better would be to really increase my readership. Stay tuned for more details to follow – I cannot wait to share more with all of you. This venture represents a lot of hard work and sleepless nights from last year but I now see all the hard work as an enormous opportunity for growth and creativity, and I am determined to embrace it wholeheartedly.

As this journey of being organised and embracing change begins, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. I hope that my commitment to self-improvement will not only benefit me personally but also resonate with you, inspiring you to embark on your own transformative path. Why not make 2024 a year filled with growth, productivity, and positive change? I invite you all to share your new adventure in the comments below. No matter how big or small. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

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