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Gratitude, Mindfulness & Creativity

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

painted stones on a wooden shelf

My guided mediation this morning was all about Gratitude. When I look through my trusted channel for all things meditation, I very often skip the guided mediations that talk about gratitude or learning to be grateful. That's mainly because I always think to myself, I don't need that one, I'm always thankful for things. At least I think I am. I say, Please and Thank You to people in shops etc, but what about the people close to us?

Do we take it for granted that because they are a friend or loved one, it goes without saying that we are thankful for their offers of kindness, that chat on the phone or the cup of tea they just placed on our desk? No we need to say thank you. It's what we'd expect isn't it?

This morning's mediation made me take the idea of gratitude further. I can sit and list the things I am grateful for. The list would include: my wonderful husband, my beautiful sons, the lovely place I live, a supportive sister, clients, health, a new sign up for my mailing list (celebrated with cake, incidentally). But I thought about my day to come and what I had lined up to do for the day. My day was mainly going to consist of writing.

This week I begin the big rewrite of When Skies Are Grey, the fourth and last book of my Island Secrets Series. Yes, I'm on the last leg (of the writing part anyway) and I can't believe I'm finally there! Then I thought about the freedom I have to just sit there, block out time and lovingly pour my thoughts, feelings, emotions, plots and characters onto a page via my laptop and just love every minute of it. How many people can say that they can occupy their day with doing just what they pleased and exactly what they love to do? I'm pretty sure, not everyone can and that makes me grateful.

I offered thanks for my life, basically, while I was meditating. To whom, I'm not sure. The universe? Myself, because everything I've done has led me to this life? Whatever it is,

I'm grateful. I will treasure the time I have while I'm writing and be thankful that I could.

What are you grateful for?

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