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Lovers by Fran Clark book cover design

A chance meeting sparks a journey of love, loss, and second chances in this evocative story that begins in London’s Soho, 1983.

Greek restaurateur, Charlie, is captivated by Brenda, the Jamaican singer in a blues band at the Soho Cellar and they are about to begin a love story that was never meant to be. The ending to their story remains untold for over 30 years.

In 2020 a group of West London strangers are pulled into the heart of Charlie and Brenda’s story. While the strangers try to start a new story of their own, their worlds intertwine. As their connections to Charlie and Brenda are eventually revealed, friendship, compassion and love are just a coincidence away.

Five moving stories come together and life-changing decisions must be made, but will fate deal each of these strangers a perfect end to their heart breaking journey?

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