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Holding Paradise book cover
Holding Paradise

Striving to keep her family together, a hard working entrepreneur faces an unspeakable revelation that could shatter their bonds forever.


Just as her catering business is flourishing, Angelica Ford discovers the heartbreaking secret her teenage daughter has been hiding. In her efforts to uncover the truth, Angelica begins to suspect her own husband of the ultimate betrayal. Devastated by the unravelling of her once close-knit family, Angelica watches in anguish as both her husband and daughter walk away. However, it isn’t long before the full reality of this hidden truth emerges.

A family reunion seems impossible now that loyalty and love have been tested, and all communication has broken down. Angelica is alone, and her business is at a standstill. Tormented and full of remorse, her only recourse is to seek the advice of the matriarch who has always guided her through life’s challenges.

Will the strength of her mother’s words empower Angelica to win a second chance, or has the happiness of her family been lost forever?

Holding Paradise is an immersive family saga of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. This first instalment in the Island Secrets series will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Buy Holding Paradise today to discover the consequences of keeping secrets!


A wonderfully written, identifiable and engrossing story.” Eva Verde, Lives Like Mine

"Clark's impeccable writing and ability to create vivid settings make the story come alive." Stella Oni, Deadly Sacrifice

A storm of love, courage, and betrayal that spans three generations and could destroy all in its way or clear the path to peace. A glorious, joyful, heartbreaking read.” Angela Cairns, Touch

A Prayer For Junie book cover
A Prayer For Junie

Newly married Junie has found love but she has no idea who her husband really is. When her life is in danger, there is only one way this relationship can end.

Philomena has known Junie’s abusive husband, Gregory, since they were children and has grown to fear him. Set apart from the rest of the village community on a secluded plain, the women develop a strong bond. While Philomena plots to run away with her, Junie hopes the child she is carrying will change her husband’s violent behaviour.


When Philomena’s friendship is put to the test, she soon discovers how far she will go to protect her friend. Now a death on the plain and Junie’s disappearance has the whole village talking.

Can Philomena live with what she has done and will she ever let go of Junie’s memory?

In this powerful novel of lies, love and compassion a mystery unravels.

"A Prayer for Junie is a compelling and atmospheric story about friendship, love and the lengths people will go to in order to save those they care about." Caroline Bishop, The Lost Chapter

Fran Clark_The Long Way Home_book cover
The Long Way Home

An unexpected meeting sets Rose on a path to love and future happiness. When family secrets and even the forces of nature stack against her, the way to a happy-ever-after slips away.


On the West Indian island of Dominica in 1889, Rose was abandoned by her father Antoine on the day she was born, after her mother Nanette died in childbirth. Rose’s mixed heritage makes her an outcast to both of her parent’s families and she grows up with an adoptive family without a true sense of her identity.


When Rose turns sixteen, she meets the poor but charismatic sailor Raphael and a romantic connection blooms, only to be put on hold because of a tremendous hurricane.


Employed by wealthy widow, Elise La Fleur, Rose develops a close friendship with her. But when Elise accuses Rose of stealing her beloved locket, Rose’s world is thrown into disarray.


Can the locket be the key that unlocks her past and the secrets of her birth?


Read this captivating historical fiction of race, forbidden love and identity.

"This book is a softly treading romance in the backdrop of the complicated history of the First World War and recruitment from West Indian regiments." Amita Murray, Unladyylike Lessons In Love

When Skies Are Grey Fran Clark  book cover
When Skies Are Grey

Behind the glitter of fame and fortune is a past that threatens to expose Rayna’s darkest secrets.


In the 1950s, a young West Indian girl arrives in London, eager to start a new life and quickly finds herself entangled with two powerful men. It is when she reveals her talent as a singer that the balance of power shifts and her fresh start can begin. Her success grows but so does the weight of her past.

Haunted by the promises she broke and the consequences of a day she will never forget, Rayna must make a difficult decision: continue hiding the truth or risk losing everything she has gained.

Will her life as a young girl destroy the world of the woman she has become, or will those she loves find it in their hearts to forgive her?

An emotional story of love, music, and hidden truths in post-Windrush London.

A deeply touching story.” Steffanie Edward, author of This Other Island

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