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New Book Release Holding Paradise - Publication Day!

Release day for novel Holding Paradise

Just me, grinning with a mixture of pride, happiness and relief that I made it in one piece to publication day.

Ten years since edition 1 of Holding Paradise, I'm happy to release the new version, edition 2 of my debut novel.

I have to say there have been a whirlwind of bookish things happening for me since Holding Paradise was first published. I had no idea where the journey from 'Oh I think I'd like to write a book' to 'Oh my gosh, why on earth didn't I start writing sooner?' would lead me to.

I went on to publish 8 books in my pen name, Rosa Temple. Nine if you include the French version of The Slow Lane Walkers Club.

But all I really wanted was to be published in my own name again. So ahead of the new edition of Holding Paradise, Book 1 of The Island Secrets Series, I went ahead and published Lovers last year, the book I wrote during Lockdown. And finally, after getting the rights back, the new version of Holding Paradise is out and it's a dream come true.

And the journey to publish more books in my own name continues. I'm getting ready to publish Book 2 of the Island Secrets Series which will be out in April. Followed by Book 3 and then Book 4 in June. And it won't stop there.

But for now, I'd be thrilled if you gave Holding Paradise a try. Do that by clicking here. Let me know what you think if you do pick this title up.

Now onto Book 2!


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