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Book Review of Lovers by Fran Clark!

Paperback book cover of Lovers on sale at Amazon

So the first review of my new book, Lovers is out and it's just such a lovely review, I had to share it!

The review comes from author, Gillian Young who is a talented multi-genre author in her own right, about to publish a stunning new title of her own this autumn. You can learn more about Gillian here and you can read the full review by clicking here

But for a taste of the review, here is a snippet: Book review of Lovers by Fran Clark

Lovers is a story that captivates from page one. It follows the lives of five people who initially are strangers. However, coincidence and fate bring them together subtly and beautifully in this book. Fran Clark cleverly interweaves these lives together in a touching and moving story that'll have the reader reaching for the tissues and feeling every wave of emotion along with these characters. Each character jumps from the page as a real person. I became so immersed in this book that there were many moments when I forgot that these characters weren't real! They're all a figment of Fran Clark's amazing imagination and huge talent for creating stories.

Lovers is available on paperback right now on Amazon and you can get your copy by clicking here!

And you can read the book description on the Lovers book page

Please don't forget to leave a review after you've read the book!

Book cover of Lovers with autumn background


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