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Blurb Reveal - Holding Paradise by Fran Clark

So - the exciting news is that finally, after months of blood sweat and tears, I am finally able to publish Book 1 of the Island Secrets Series!

Holding Paradise is published on Tuesday 27th February 2024. I happen to know that it is already available on Amazon in paperback format if you want to get ahead of the crowd.

There are many stories surrounding my steps to publication for this book and I will outline them in later posts. A bit of a long story if I'm honest.

But for today, I would just like to share the story of Holding Paradise and what will be the second edition of this book. If you read the first edition, you'll find significant changes, hence the updated publication. It's got a fancy new cover and everything, plus some bonus material in the back matter that leads you into the next book of the series.

Holding Paradise - The Blurb

From the Caribbean to the streets of London, Holding Paradise paints a passionate portrait of family secrets, forbidden love and two women pushed to the edge.

Angelica’s seemingly perfect life is torn apart when a family secret is uncovered. At risk of losing her husband and daughter, she boards a plane in desperation to seek the advice of the person whose stories have guided her through life. Her mother, Josephine.

Josephine’s life by comparison, has come full circle, starting and ending in the Caribbean. She weathers a lifetime of betrayal and deceit, though her sole focus is to keep her family together during troubled times. It is with a broken heart that she endures her marriage and manages to raise her children with colourful stories that prove to be lessons to light their way.

It’s the wisdom of one of these stories that Angelica seeks and Josephine has one last story to tell – the story that will change both of their lives.

Paperback and e-book of Holding Paradise

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