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Unveiling the Latest Must-Read: A Closer Look at A Prayer For Junie - new book release news!

Book Cover of A Prayer For Junie by Fran Clark

Well, it's finally here and I'm very pleased to announce the publication of book 2 in the Island Secrets Series - A Prayer For Junie

The Blurb

Newly married Junie has found love but she has no idea who her husband really is. When her life is in danger, there is only one way this relationship can end.

Philomena has known Junie’s abusive husband, Gregory, since they were children and has grown to fear him. Set apart from the rest of the village community on a secluded plain, the women develop a strong bond. While Philomena plots to run away with her, Junie hopes the child she is carrying will change her husband’s violent behaviour.

When Philomena’s friendship is put to the test, she soon discovers how far she will go to protect her friend. Now a death on the plain and Junie’s disappearance has the whole village talking.

Can Philomena live with what she has done and will she ever let go of Junie’s memory?

Buy this powerful novel of lies, love and compassion today and unravel the mystery.

Special Bonus

In case you missed it, Book 1 Holding Paradise came out in February and is on sale at the moment for just 99p! So click here to grab your copy today!

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