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Book Review - The Starfish Sisters by Barbara O'Neal

The Starfish Sisters by Barbara O'Neal book cover

This is a book I will read again and again.

I just loved O'Neal's style of writing, the charm of her words and the well crafted characters she portrays.

It's a novel that goes back and forth in time and into the POV of the two main players. Each of these shifts are seamless and you get drawn in by every plot.

There is a nice thread of intrigue that runs through the book that keeps the pages turning as you want to delve deeper and deeper into the worlds of each character. I cared for all the characters, I must say and that is because the author has created a cast that is relatable and totally believable. For that reason I found my self either rooting for or chastising someone as the story unfolded.

One of the great things about this book was the descriptions of places and scenes. I love to discover new places and the author opened up a new part of the world to me and ways of living that are so different from my own.

I would certainly be reading more from this author!

The Blurb

From the USA Today bestselling author of When We Believed in Mermaids comes an emotional novel about two women facing the betrayals, heartbreaks, and refuge of true friendship.

Phoebe and Suze used to be closer than sisters. Growing up in a quiet and wildly beautiful coastal town in Oregon, they shared everything. Until the secrets they couldn’t share threatened their bond and complicated their lives.

Now, decades later, Suze, a famous actress desperate for safe haven following a brutal attack, is back in town. Phoebe, a successful illustrator and fabric designer, has discovered keeping a secret means she can’t let anyone get close, aside from her beloved granddaughter, Jasmine. As Jasmine’s move to London looms, Phoebe doesn’t know how to face the return of her old friend and all the drama she brings.

But Phoebe let Suze down once before and she’s not sure she can do it again. Can the two women who’ve never confronted their past do it now when the choice is between healing and survival?

Heartfelt and layered, The Starfish Sisters is a moving story about the complicated nature of female friendship, the joys and heartbreaks of life, and the resiliency and power that women possess.

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